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Media Analysis Reports

Reputation based analysis where our methodology gauges the interplay of prominence of coverage as well as company reputation variables indicating the organisation's standing in the media. The methodology reflects how brands are viewed and is tied up with the communication strategy to determine whether the strategy objectives has been reached to get to grips with providing a definitive solution to mapping a long-term picture of an organisation’s media coverage and perception.


All reports will indicate the media activity over time highlighting key voices in the media overlaid with favourable and unfavourable journalist rankings. An estimate value of publicity will be included in the day to day processing as well as through the feedback report.


Market IQ will allocate an impact score to each media item based on prominence, sentiment and reach as a standard  to identify the best performing content topics or performance against competitors or the industry at large with the ability to add more attributes to the calculation in line with the objectives set.

The Market IQ analysis can be custom-made according to the client’s requirements 

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