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Media Content Distribution

A powerful digital platform with the ability to upload any amount of digital content, package it automatically into an easily digestible email format and deliver it to pre-loaded and updated lists of South African and African media.


Photos, videos, presentations, sound clips and other material are presented as thumbnails in an email and a recipient can click to download any of the material in various formats and resolutions.

The user has full control of the upload and distribution process and is supported by a 24/7/365 technical support and content upload team that also ensures that the media lists are updated regularly.

All distributed content is loaded onto a portal allowing access to all registered media.

Clients can download or request distribution reports on the email delivery rates and opening rates of press releases.

The media distribution platform has in-built functionality that allows clients to generate newsletters from the most recent media releases or create and add their own content on a newsletter. 

Automatically generate and populate a public newsroom with the content previously distributed to media which can be integrated into a client’s public facing website.

Using the client toolbox functionality, clients can upload and store content that is not visible to the media or public. This could include archive material, photography and future releases, which still require approval.

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